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Healthcare Informatics

Complete end to end HMIS/HIS Solution in both Java & SAP platform

Health Screening Solutions

NEURA Health Screening solution is fully equipped to deal with any major outbreak like COVID19 and capable to capture, analyse and report critical information and other patient related details in real-time (Dashboards) to the Government and Health authorities who are in charge of monitoring any healthcare outbreak or pandemic so that they can take necessary actions and provide care to the patients at the right time and at the right place.

Current Challenges (Without Health Screening):

  • Emerging new infections
  • Spread of infection in a short span during travelling
  • Severity (case fatality rate) as aged & children get infected having weaker immunity
  • Increased mortality rate & comorbidity
  • Lack of preparative measures to tackle epidemic at state and national level

Key Takeaways:

  • Screening for Citizens, Employees, Students everyone.
  • Access for local public health administrators & Railways- in the form of dashboards
  • Integrated electronic reporting & health records (EMR) for Physicians and health admin.
  •  Automatic creation of a disease event when a case or laboratory report is received
  • Real-time capturing of Patient Vitals etc. with Neura Assessment forms
  • Case management for confirmed cases, suspects etc. –citizens, students, employees.
  • Electronic workflows and task assignments.
  • Symptom monitoring for future
  • Risk/exposure assessment for the passengers/individuals
  • Monitoring & surveillance in the form of Dashboards, SMS alerts, emails etc.
  • Detailed reports – Data can be captured as area or station wise & published

Telemedicine/Video or online consultation Solutions

NEURA Telemedicine/online video consultation is a completely web based application. It allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using common technology, such as video conferencing without the need for an in-patient visit to the physician- thus maintaining the social distancing under any pandemic. It is also beneficial for patients who can’t afford to make a visit to the clinics due to old age or any other challenges

The integrated CPOE & EMR allows the physician capturing the vitals, patient history, diagnosis etc. and prescribe medications, investigations etc. thus giving access to patient’s clinical history & treatment details seamlessly.

The Multi Location facility helps the administrators/owners to switch between management dashboards giving them the comfort of accessing the same anytime, anywhere. It can be used as Hub and Spoke model as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Online appointment scheduling.
  • Payment gateway integration.
  • Video & tele conferencing between patient and specialist doctors
  • CPOE (Computerized physician order entry)
  • E-prescription & integrated EMR/EHR with clinical notes
  • Provision to upload reports.
  • SMS & Email alerts/reminders.
  • Email prescription
  • Designed based on service oriented architecture – compliance with both Private and Public health systems
  • Adopts best practices like NABH, JCI, HIPPA etc.

Disease Surveillance solution (For Public health systems)

Neura Clinic management system

Integrated EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Solution

Patient Portal

CGSL has developed the patient portal which is linked to the hospital/clinic website providing 24/7 access service to patients’ personal health information across any device.


  • To foster better patient-physician relationships: Portals offer a round-the-clock platform on which both parties can conveniently exchange health information, ask questions, and review medical notes—providing more opportunities to connect.
  • To improve clinical outcomes: Providing patients with prescription refill and renewal tools can help increase medication adherence.
  • To optimize your workflow: Digitizing manual tasks (e.g., billing and scheduling) can free up your staff, allowing them to dedicate their time to activities more directly related to patient care.
  • To develop patient engagement: One of the top benefits of patient portal usage is dramatic increase of patient engagement due to opening various possibilities of involvement for patients in their healthcare upon patient portal activation and utilization.

  Key Takeaways:

  • Scheduling appointments online & in advance
  • Making payments via payment gateways
  • Check upcoming appointments & reschedule
  • Viewing health information (e.g., lab results or clinical notes)
  • Checking prescriptions & other medical records
  • And many more…

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