Solution For Agriculture – Lease & Revenue Management

Lease & Revenue Management Solution - Snapshot

  • New Investor Registration – Details like Unique registration number, date and time, company name/ investor name, Nationality, correspondence address, contact number and other basic details will be captured and a registration slip printed and given to the investor.
  • Lease Agreement Signup – Details like Type of Investment, Region, Land Transfer area, Capital registries, Land Rent per Area and Date and time will be captured.
  • Invoice and payment – After the amount is received from the investors they will be provided a receipt.
  • Verification of actual crop Yield.
  • MIS and Reports – Real-time and Online Reports such as:
    • Revenue for a given period
    • Collection for a given period
    • Total amount of land allocated, available, reviewed etc.
    • Amount payable by the investors.
    • Tax collection
    • Actual crop yield per Hectare vis-à-vis standard crop yield
    • Lease payment and expiry reminder automated through SMS
Advantage @ Lease & Revenue Management Solution

  • Data maintained for each investor
  • Monitoring of crop production and planning strategies to improve productivity
  • Online Coordination between Relevant Departments and Ministry of Agricultural
  • Access mainly through the Intranet and Internet
  • One -stop information on agriculture yield and lease management
  • Information on loans, policies and regulations
  • Data
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    Dissemination through NGOs, Cooperatives and other agencies

  • Seamless integration with Revenues and Customs Authority.
  • Solution For Agriculture – Market Yard Management

    Objectives Met By The Solution

  • Transparency and speed in Market yard transactions enabling measurable cost savings and improving efficiencies.
  • Provide a platform for e-Procurement as well as a catalogue of various goods and services.
  • Farmers have choice to sell their produce in the nearest market at remunerative prices.
  • Nationwide market information for wholesale agriculture produce
  • Information availability at the Markets on Daily market prices across the Country
  • Information on loans, policies and regulations
  • Bypass middlemen
  • Key Components of Solution

    • Inward Gate entry through Mobile / Handheld devices: Details like Inward entry Serial number, Date and Time, Farmer name, Product details, and approximate weight,
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      etc. will be captured and a inward slip is printed and given to the farmer.

    • Outward Gate entry: Details like products unloaded, Commission Agents Name, and the approximate quantity unloaded will be captured with Inward Serial number date and time.
    • Stock Update: System will update the stock available with the Commission Agents on receipt and Sale of the products.
    • Auction price and Weighment details: System will enable capture of Auction prices and weighment details for each and every sale.
    • Back end process: System will calculate and update the following values on entry of price and weighment details for each sale:
      • Total Purchase Value
      • Fixed CA Commission
      • Charges Fixed
      • Weigh man Charges
      • Amount Payable by Trader to Commission Agent
      • Amount Payable by Trader to Government
      • Amount payable to the Farmer
    • Generation and Printing of Sale slips: System will automate generation and printing of Sale slips on capture of Auction Price and weighment details with automatic serial number.
    • Gate pass generation for the Trader: System will generate Gate pass to the trader, which gives Product, Weight, Price and Value details of all the purchases made by him for that day on entering his code number.
    • Check at the Out-gate: System will enable a weighment check at the out-gate, when the Trader submits the Gate pass for Outward entry with his products purchased.
    • Traders’ Monthly Returns: System will generate Monthly Returns of the Traders for the purchases made by them in the market yard.
    • MIS and Reports: System will provide the following Real-time and Online Reports:
    Benefits Of the Proposed Solution

  • The effort through Market Yard Automation is to connect the Farmers Directly to the mainstream of economy.
  • By having a check on the “Zero” Transactions, the Revenue leakage to the Government can be Minimized
  • Pain areas related to Accounts and Administration can be overcome by automating the transactions and processes
  • Maintenance of Accounts – Bank Book, Cash Book, General Ledger and Financial Statements through the system.
  • Online check on Budget Availability.
  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation process
  • System tracks whether the Traders have paid due Taxes on time
  • Automatic computation & calculation of Interest / Penalty Charges.
  • Maintenance of HR Service records in the system and Payroll processing through the system.