Healthcare Informatics

Product Portfolio

  • 3-Tier including logical separation between the presentation layer, the business logic layer, and the database layer.
  • Multi-Tenant (Cloud-enabled)/SOA Based/Web Services & API Framework Enabled.
  • Solution is embedded in the Transactional system thereby enabling decision support solution at point of transaction.
  • Predictive/ Trend Analytics including Disease surveillance and GIS based hot-spot analysis.
  • Application for CPOE & EMR available.
  • Public Health Application for Mother & Child available.
  • Solution agnostic to OS.
  • Our solution does away the need to invest in costly infrastructure associated with tele-consultation solution.
  • Solution is embedded in a mobile platform and works with 2G.
  • Next-generation Web technology, utilizes the latest Wavelet compression technology for on-demand compression.
  • DICOM 3.0, DICOM 2.0 & Non DICOM – ScanDoc A2D, SonoDoc DICOM, ScopyDoc DICOM.
  • CCR Based Solution Architecture

    this-tel_CGSL CGSL Integrated HMS/EHR/ERP Application – Based on CCR Solution Architecture

    Modules of HIMS solutions


    Modules of CGSL Integrated HMS/EHR/ERP Application

    Healthcare Analytic Solution

  • KPI-Based Reports Generation & Dashboards.
  • Time-series reporting possible.
  • Decision support solution.
  • Hot-spot reporting through GIS.
  • Trend Analysis & Predictive Analytics.
  • Disease Surveillance.
  • Data mining Capabilities.
  • Analytics include Dashboards.
  • Mobility Solution

  • Clinical physician order entry and EMR available to Clinical staff on their mobile handsets.
  • Entry of Citizen Health Demographic details by Field Health workers linked to GPS .
  • Reports generated by the BI Solution will be made available on mobile devices..
  • Alerts and preventive care messages will be generated and made available on mobile handsets.
  • Tele-Consultation Solution-Mobile Platform & Integrated with EHR

    this-tel_CGSL Tele-Consultation-Mobile Platform & Integrated with EHR

    Value Proposition

  • Solution Architecture based on CCR,thereby enabling creation of unique EHR of a Citizen across chain of Healthcare delivery pyramid.
  • Integrated Clinical & Operations workflows enables optimum resource (Manpower & equipment) utilization and streamlined and real-time Supply-chain management of Drugs & other consumables
  • Enterprise Scheduler enables Electronic Queue Management & triage management leading to reduced wait time)
  • Decision support made possible at the point of transaction through our Analytics Solution which is embedded in HMS Database
  • Internet of things made possible through our Integration engine
  • Compliance to standards like NABH, NABL, ICD-10, LOINC,HL7, DICOM, ASTM etc.
  • Application developed using STRUTS, SPRINGS & HIBERNATE and supports industry-standard protocols, such as HTTP, HTTPS, XML, SOAP, WDSL, FTP, FTPS, JMS, SMTP, SNMP etc.